To the People of the Great State of New Mexico - Will you join us?


The formation of the New Mexico De Jure Assembly is a result of the knowledge of the transformation to come.As the governmental, monetary and many other societal infrastructures of our state's old, dark past slowly crumble and dwindle away, something MUST take its place to fill this void.This is a golden opportunity for all of us to BE the change we all aspire to be.This Assembly is not representative but is merely a small, organized and functional part of the Greater Assembly which is inclusive of all the inhabitants of the state of New Mexico.De Jure means "Of the People".

Our state has been close to the bottom of the list, if not last, on practically every measurable statistic when compared with every other state in this current Union.We the people can do much better than this.This means that we all have our work cut out for us in many different and challenging ways that will transform our state into a place where the people are barely surviving – into a place where the people are thriving!The mission of the Great Restoration is to bring this surviving to thriving model to the world on a global scale and this Assembly's mission is to bring New Mexico's version of the Great Restoration home to our people.We've lived in darkness, sickness, poverty and corruption for much too long.NOW is the time for real, lasting change.There is no one to save us.Not any politician, no governmental body, no 'official' document, no Hollywood star, no top musician and no spirit or deity is coming without our action because WE are the change.WE are our own 'saviors'.The change we all wish for comes from within each one of us, and, collectively, we can BE so much more of that change if we are all ready to align our hearts, minds and desires to be who and what we were meant to be:Creators of our own destinies thru Natural/Universal Law.

In light of this era of transformation, and if you happen to share in this desire to be of 'service to others' instead of 'service to self', please inquire.There is absolutely NO LIMIT to what we can accomplish if we remain committed to this mission, committed to each other and to allow the love, light, peace and joy to flow freely as it had originally been intended.

May we all THRIVE!!!

In Light and Love – Founder,

Larry James Parsons

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Monday, 26 September 2022

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