Articles of Association/Members Policy

The following constitutes the articles of association for the New Mexico De Jure Assembly, and acts as its Assembly Membership Requirements, Member Rights & Policy and Code of Conduct.

By entering the New Mexico De Jure Assembly website for the first time and continuing to use it thereafter or by joining the New Mexico De Jure Assembly, every member agrees that he or she has read the following and is party to a social compact under these private articles.

The New Mexico De Jure Assembly is a Public Benefit Non Profit Organization with a voting membership.  The resources of the Assembly are only available for access and use to members.

Rules for joining the Assembly: you must be a resident of the state of New Mexico, in the United States of America for at least 6 months and should be in agreement with our mission, goals and rules of conduct.

As a Public Benefit Organization, the New Mexico De Jure Assembly strictly adheres to the principle that all members are here within to assist and support each other in their pursuit of solutions in each other’s lives, to step into life as prosperous, productive, healthy, and free members of the society and the world at large. All members commit to the principle that they will:

  • Not purposefully cause harm to themselves, each other, the society, or the world at large,
  • Shall utilize the contents herein for peaceful and productive purposes to be part of building a new sustainable world that is best for all and supports all life on Planet Earth, and should harm be caused inadvertently with the applications of knowledge and awareness gained herein, shall immediately apologize for such harm to the offended party(s) and seek to redress and correct the mistakes and results caused therefrom.
  • Shall conduct themselves to act with honesty and integrity and in alignment with the Declaration of One Accord.
  • Shall be respectful of the rights and dignity of all people.
  • Should any harm or issue come about between members requiring resolution, the members agree to submit such issues to the council to be assigned to a board of arbitration made up of members of the Association as a jury of their peers and shall settle all such disputes or issues peaceably and take as binding the conclusions of the board that hears the matter.

Your membership in the New Mexico De Jure Assembly is an at will association and you are not obligated, but encouraged, to participate in community, city, county or state efforts by the Assembly. 

All members agree to not use this membership for personal profit or gain.

Every member of the Assembly, by their entry into membership and use of the New Mexico De Jure Assembly and its contents and materials, agrees, understands, consents and affirms that all written materials, audio and visual content, conversations, discussions, or other communications spoke, written or otherwise transferred and or received are not legal, medical or tax advice, legal, medical or tax instruction or otherwise in any way construed to be such.

The members agree and understand that any and all such audio/video material, paperwork, or oral instruction is given and/or received or otherwise disseminated by any member of the society is done ONLY at the voluntary participation of the members and only for the development of knowledge and understanding as to the available rights, remedies and other solutions to the members’ personal and private affairs, and that such is undertaken and conveyed solely as part of membership in the Assembly and are to be applied by each individual as per their own personal self-responsibility in choice and application thereof. Further each member agrees that these resources, unless published publicly by the Assembly are private documents, conversations and information and will not release, reveal or share this information with non-members.

All members affirm that they undertake any and all decisions or actions as a result of the content and materials of the New Mexico De Jure Assembly pursuant to their own self-directed choice and personal responsibility and are fully and wholly responsible for any and all results obtained thereby.

All residents of the state of New Mexico are members of the greater New Mexico De Jure Assembly.  This policy is for new members joining the New Mexico De Jure (Assembly), the working body for the greater assembly.  Applications to the Assembly will be reviewed by the Council at the earliest opportunity.

  1. The Applicant must be a current resident of the state of New Mexico and have been a resident for at least six (6) months.
  2. Applicant must be at least 18 years of age
  3. Applicants do not have a felony conviction for
    • Violent crime
    • Financial crime
    • Sexual crime
  4. Applicants with felonies must be off parole to be eligible for individual review and approval by the Council
  5. Applicants must have attended the most recent two (2) Assembly public meetings before applying
  6. Applicants to the Assembly, who have been suspended from any Assembly for misconduct or misrepresentation, shall only be admitted to the Assembly pending a thorough investigation and report by the Sergeant at Arms & the Ombudsman (Judicial Investigator) of the Assembly

New members must agree to and sign the following:

  1. Resolution of One Accord
  2. Articles of Association, Assembly Membership Requirements, Member Rights & Policy
  3. Conflict of Interest Agreement


  1. Attend at least three (3) public assembly meetings per month
  2. Missed meetings may be made up by watching the recorded meeting(s) and reviewing the minutes for that meeting.
  3. Missed meetings may be excused at the discretion of the Council Human Relations Officer (Internal) upon giving written notice no later than 7 days after the period of absence that there were valid reasons for missing the Assembly meetings, such as health, travel or other impediments to attendance.
  4. No violations of the Resolution of One Accord, Code of Conduct, Conflict of Interest or Membership Agreements.
  5. Have not been removed from this, or any other Assembly in the last two years.

 Assembly Membership Steps

  1. Signed copies of all agreements by Applicant (electronic signatures are acceptable).
  2. The New Member Onboarding group review
  3. The Council will give Approval
  4. New Member Onboarding Interview and volunteer placement with a Committee
  5. Committee Positions

All new members will be required to volunteer for the committee of their choice for a minimum of 90 days and not more than 180 days before being eligible for assignment to a committee position.

Officer Positions

New members must serve on a Committee for at least one term before being eligible to hold an officer position in the Assembly.


A member in good standing is qualified to:

  1. Vote
  2. Hold a Position in a Committee
  3. Hold an Officer Position in the Assembly

There are no classes of membership.  All members are automatically members of the Greater Assembly.  Members of the Assembly are eligible, pending satisfaction of the new member requirements and evaluation conditions, to serve on Committees and hold Offices in the Assembly

There are no fee or donation requirements for membership.

Conflict of Interest violations, or misrepresentation of requested facts are grounds for removal from the Assembly.


Residents may belong to as many Assemblies as apply to the jurisdiction of their primary residence (City, County, State, National), but serve on a committee, council or other official position in only one Assembly at a time.

Grievance Policy

Members may be suspended or expelled from office or the Assembly upon proper showing of cause and upon proceedings as defined in the Grievance Policy.

Resignation of Members

A Member may resign from the Assembly or Council at any time by written or electronic notice to the Council or the Assembly Secretary. However, that member will always remain a member of the Greater New Mexico De Jure Assembly, so long as they retain residency.

Resigned members may participate with the Assembly, including as a volunteer, an employee, or as an appointed agent.

Liability Waiver

No member shall hold the Assembly or Council liable for personal injury or property damage which might be incurred in said Assembly quarters, at time of meetings, entertainments, social gatherings, or other venues or events.


The member understands and agrees that the council and members of the Assembly are NOT, regardless of forum or document, undertaking to provide or give legal, medical, or tax advice.

Members of the New Mexico De Jure Assembly agree to the following:

  • I will be honest and fair. I will not lie to, steal from, or deceive another person.
  • I will always fulfill my duty as a leader even when it is difficult or unpopular
  • I will not promote outside political affiliations within the Assembly nor use my position in the Assembly to while interacting with outside groups.
  • I will never use my affiliation with the Assembly for personal gain.
  • I will always treat others with dignity and respect.
  • I will not condone anyone paid to cause division, hateful rhetoric, or groups formed around negative intentions.
  • I will never subject any person to discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, color, religion, disability, health status, beliefs or national origin.
  • I will never use my position of authority or membership to intimidate, demean, humiliate, dominate, coerce, or hurt another person mentally, emotionally, or physically. I will immediately intervene to stop any others who do.
  • I will not heed or spread gossip.
  • I recognize that I am sovereign and will maintain appropriate boundaries at all times, while also recognizing and respecting that every other person is also sovereign and to be treated as such.
  • Subversion and control tactics that are used to manipulate the structures of the Assembly and its processes are not allowed, and are causes for immediate cancellation and/or banned membership.

This code of conduct applies to this website, all communications, social media and meetings both online and in person.

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