Restoration Committees

The New Mexico De Jure Assembly has 11 committees dedicated to restoring health and prosperity to our land and our people.


The Treasury Committee is responsible for managing the financial status of the New Mexico De Jure Assembly. It approves funding for projects in all committees. It also evaluates and assesses community wide financial solutions such as the creation of a publicly owned state bank. In order to prevent corruption, this committee monitors transparency and subjects itself to external audits.


The Law Committee is responsible for investigating and researching matters pertaining to law and the judicial system. Members are not expected to be practicing attorneys. This committee advises the Assembly and the People of New Mexico or our rights and recommends actions when our rights are threatened.

Peace Keeping

The Peace Keeping Committee is responsible for overseeing the enforcement of laws, maintaining public order, and managing public safety. Its primary duty is to ensure the investigation, apprehension, and detention of individuals suspected of criminal offenses.


The Security Committee is responsible for overseeing all systems, policies and procedures related to security. It aims to form strategic partnerships with external groups to secure clean public water, food supplies and air quality.

Environment & Agriculture

This committee is designed to work with local and national communities to ensure the full restoration, maintenance and monitoring of the health of the earth, including all natural life on it. It also assesses food needs in our state and promotes solutions, working towards projects that provide affordable, nutritious, healthy food produced in ways that harmoniously respects the environment.


The Education Committee covers all areas of education, including but not limited to, true human history, spirituality, science & technology, media literacy and sovereignty and empowerment. It takes into account and promotes different learning styles and programs that meet the needs of children and adults.

Family Services

The Family Services Committee is accountable for developing and supervising programs that serve the needs of families in New Mexico. Cognizant that every family is exceptional, all programs shall be beneficial enough to serve the general public, but flexible enough to address the uniqueness and cultural diversity of each family. Programs will include, but are not limited to, health, wellbeing, education and financial aspects.

Health & Wellness

The Committee for Health and Wellness is responsible for promoting individual self-responsibility providing resources ensuring health and wellbeing for body, mind and soul. Its aim is to see that each community in New Mexico has the facilities and programs readily available for assisting the unique needs of each person’s wellbeing.


This Committee aims to keep abreast of the advances in all technologies that serve communications in New Mexico. It shall work on the areas of providing equitable access to new technologies. It shall oversee teaching about how media and communications can be used to enhance and promote individual and community growth, or as instruments of mind control and consumerism to enslave and control people.

Project Management

Overseeing the planning, implementation and monitoring of standards and produces for projects proposed by all committees is the task of the Project Management Committee. It guides and supervises all projects financed by the assembly.

Public Works & Infrastructure

This Committee is mandated to promote accessible, affordable and safe movement of people, goods and services on roads and other transportation systems in New Mexico. It also assists in the planning, implementation and oversight of large scale projects involving physical construction. The Public Works & Infrastructure Committee works with a combination of physical assets, management practices, and services essential to promote the welfare and quality of life for New Mexicans.

Become Part of any Committees

You can become active on any of these committees by joining the New Mexico De Jure Assembly. Our committees also evaluate public and private proposals that improve the quality of life in New Mexico. Click here to submit your proposal. Each Restoration Committee’s initial task will be to conduct a needs assessment for their area of oversight.  Because of this, as the Assembly gets started, preference for funding will be given to proposals generated by members within the Restoration Committees that are derived from the needs assessment of their committee.  If you have a good idea to help New Mexicans, we’d love to have your expertise and talent contribute to the process of identifying needs and prioritizing solutions. Please consider joining the New Mexico De Jure Assembly so we can highlight your good ideas within the Restoration Committees.

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