New Mexico De Jure Assembly

Established in 2021, the New Mexico De Jure Assembly is a group of like-minded people, coming together to peacefully establish a new way of self-governance under Natural Law. The purpose of the Assembly is to promote greater self-governance by working together with New Mexicans who know their communities and deserve the power to represent, improve, protect and nurture them.  Our job is to bring project based support to our residents—projects from the local to state level that improve the lives and protect the rights of every single member of our extended family of New Mexicans.


Declaration of Existence

The New Mexico De Jure Assembly is hereby formed in accordance with the Laws of the Land, Resolution of One Accord and the Global Declaration of Independence.

It is by the power and decree of the organized representation of the people residing within the territory known as the State of New Mexico that we acknowledge our own authority to self-govern our affairs.  We adhere to the Natural Laws that govern all life on Earth as defined in the Resolution of One Accord, abide within the operations defined within the Resolution of One Accord, accept the responsibility to communicate with the Office of the Guardian the needs of the people, and to communicate with the people to provide them with fair and honest representation that accurately expresses their perspectives, concerns, issues and solutions.

We have established this body to ensure the same existence, development and maintenance of the communities within the territory of the State of New Mexico.  The collective efforts of this Assembly will always reflect the concerns and solutions of the individuals within the territory defined as the State of New Mexico.  This Declaration of Existence is evidence that this land is protected by the power of self government, with all lawful structures being dictated by the collective agreement of well informed residents.  This body is the recognized and ratified representation of the De Jure government in fact.

Articles of Association/Members Policy

The following constitutes the articles of association for the New Mexico De Jure Assembly, and acts as its Assembly Membership Requirements, Member Rights & Policy and Code of Conduct.

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Resolution of One Accord

All life is sacred and humanity is responsible for the well-being of all life on the planet. Natural Law applies to all inhabitants of this planet and beyond. This principle is innate within every sentient being. Therefore, all life must be engaged with love, considering the role each of us plays in the overall ecosystem of our planet.

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Declaration of Independence for the Living Beings of Earth

The People that reside on this planet include all conscious living beings, meaning they are able to discern between good and evil, think for themselves, identify what makes them happy or sad, contribute their unique qualities, recognize the value of others, and exist peacefully because of their awareness of that reality. 

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Bylaws of the New Mexico De Jure Assembly (A United States of America Unincorporated Nonprofit Association).

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Join Us

We’d love for you to join us.  Please read the documents linked to on this page to learn more about the New Mexico De Jure Assembly.  If you resonate with our mission and would like to bring your talents to the Great Restoration, please fill out the membership application form.

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Our on-line record of all agends, Minutes and video recordings of meetings.

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Contact Us

The New Mexico De Jure Assembly
P.O. Box 90624
Albuquerque, NM 87199
Telephone number (505) 908-1792

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